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Here are links to the full evidence of ten patterns of deadly corporate crimes Obama is protecting. This has all been filed under oath with penalty of perjury with Republican Congressional leaders Blackburn, Issa and Grassley and they have done nothing even though many citizens have requested action. The bribes Obama accepted to protect these crimes are seen at :

Links to the full evidence

Health and Injury Insurance Crime Patterns

Website 1 of 10 Introduction and Link (8 sentences)

Obama campaign contributors are connected to "related fraudulent conduct" and their dangerous crimes continue !!

Quotes I compiled from 51 Federal Judges prove MetLife and doctors paid by MetLife ignore life threatening medical conditions (including Multiple Sclerosis, brain lesions, cardiac conditions and cancer of many patients) Judges also wrote MetLife conceals documents from patients and MetLife’s attorneys lie in Court if the patient lives to get to Court.

U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen wrote “MetLife and its henchmen” because MetLife also endangers many psychological patients.

You’ll see I asked the court to stop these crimes and a Federal Judge wrote to me saying the Attorney General is the only one who has the authority to stop them. Obama and his AG refuse to take action even though they have received this evidence many times and they are very aware the patients can die during the years it takes their claim to be resolved by the Courts !!

Two MetLife executives gave Obama huge contributions. One year later they signed agreements where no one is prosecuted for the bid rigging and “related fraudulent conduct”.

The Exhibits prove MetLife continues to ignore life threatening medical conditions and also fabricate pre-existing conditions when patients file claims on the policies that MetLife rigged bids to sell !!

Unum and Prudential also rigged bids exactly like MetLife did !! 

This is a small portion of the crimes you’ll see MetLife and other insurance companies commit repeatedly and simultaneously !!

That is the introduction you’ll see in the full evidence posted at:

** As you see more deadly patterns please remember 20% of the evidence is from national award winning media stories I compiled and 80% is from personal research over many years. The media stories do not stop the crimes. This compilation of years of personal research and individual news stories prove multiple patterns of deadly crimes.

Website 2 Introduction and Link

Injured Workers throughout America are having their lives destroyed and committing suicide often because the DOL and DOJ Directors appointed by Obama and Bush protect insurance company crimes !!

Please view :

Website 3 Introduction and Link

Civilian contractors who are injured while supporting our troops in U.S War Zones are being denied artificial limbs and medical treatment and having their lives destroyed by insurance company manslaughter because the DOL and DOJ Directors appointed by Obama and Bush protect insurance company crimes !!

Please view :

Website 4 Introduction and Link

Obama's DOL and DOJ Ignore Their Sworn Duty to Protect Patients in Five Types of Insurance

Please view :

Urgent Note Followed By More Crime Patterns 

The DOJ and DOL Directors appointed by Democrat and Republican Presidents have done nothing to stop the tremendous torture and death of thousands of sick and dying Americans every year !!

The big difference right now is I discovered two MetLife Executives actually gave Obama huge contributions, and then they signed page 5 of the official DOJ agreements where no one was prosecuted for bid rigging and “related fraudulent conduct”.

Overwhelming evidence proves that before, during, and after the Non Prosecution Agreement for bid rigging was signed MetLife ignored life threatening medical evidence when patients filed claims on these policies. 

The DOL and DOJ Directors will not lift one finger to stop MetLife from ignoring life threatening conditions !!

Any legislator who refuses to stop these crimes are accessories to mass manslaughters and murders that are as evil as any in the history of the world !! Many sick and dying patients are suffering tremendously while knowing the U.S. government is willfully ignoring mass manslaughter committed against medical patients !!

Website 5 Introduction and Link

Many Drug Makers and Doctors Engage in Identical Fraud and Kickbacks and Put Patients at Risk With Illegal Off-Label Marketing and False Statements About Many Drugs Safety. No One Was Prosecuted by the Obama administration !!

Please view :

Website 6 Introduction and Link

Blue Shield and Health Net Illegally Cancelled Entire Policies When Very Sick Patients Filed Claims !! Evidence quotes include :

Bonuses were paid in part for how many policies were cancelled and how much money was saved as a result

No One Was Prosecuted by the Obama administration !!
The fines are often a small percentage of the profits !!

Please view :

Drug Murder Money Laundering Crime Patterns

Website 7 Introduction and Link

Wachovia Bank Laundered $378 Billion for the Mexican Drug Cartels That Have Murdered 50,000 people and Are Now Kidnapping and Recruiting Young U.S. children!! 

No one was prosecuted By Obama’s DOJ !!

The $378 Billion laundered is enough money to fund the entire ten year war in Afghanistan twice or half of the entire Iraq war !!
The world’s richest man Carlos Helu is worth $69 billion. 

Wachovia laundered five times more money than that for one of the most evil groups in world history, BUT NO ONE WAS PROSECUTED !!!!!!!!!!!

Obama, Hillary Clinton and Many Candidates Have Received Large Contributions From Wachovia and Wells Fargo Bank That Bought Wachovia !!

Bank of America laundered $3 Billion from one branch. No one was prosecuted !!

Please view : 

Financial Crime Patterns

Website 8 Introduction and Link

Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Magnetar and many more helped crash the U.S. and world economy by engaging in the following identical crimes :

(1)          Combining loans that were likely to fail into packages known as collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs
(2)          They fraudulently misrepresented the ratings of these bundled loans as being top rated A+ loans and sold the CDO’s to investors
(3)          At the same time they placed financial bets that these bundles would fail (these reverse bets are referred to as shorting in the government documents below)
(4)          They reaped huge profits and commissions from everything just mentioned!!
(5)          This played a huge part in the U.S. and global financial collapse, and hundreds of millions of lives are being destroyed because of this.

No one is being prosecuted !!

For the full evidence please view :

Website 9 Introduction and Link

AIG, JP Morgan, JPMorgan Chase, Prudential, MetLife, and Unum Commit Identical Crimes !!

No One is Prosecuted by Obama’s DOJ, DOL, and SEC Directors. Many Dangerous Crimes Continue !!

Website 10 Introduction and Link

All the corporations in the long list below (including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, and GMAC) settled for identical violations including :

(a) providing false or misleading information to consumers (b) misrepresenting to borrowers (c) failing to provide accurate and timely information to borrowers (d) misrepresenting the identity, office, or legal status of the affiant (e)  inappropriately charging servicing document creation

Here’s a link to 32 more Non Prosecution agreements given in 2010. If you scroll down to page three and look in the second column you’ll see how many of the crimes are health care or financial fraud and kickbacks !!

I have similar lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The lists prove many corporations are very aware they can violate health care and bid rigging laws. They are certain they will never be prosecuted !!

I request each section of the evidence I’m presenting will be considered as criminal evidence individually and combined !!

Every day Congress delays will cause many more lives to be destroyed !!!! 

Barry Schmittou 
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